When inventing something new we all have to be environmentally conscious. There is absolutely no excuse. 

My Lil Petey is anti-fast fashion in the sense that doesn’t follow trends that will be hideous within 5 years and would like their designs to live on and still look great for many years to come. Taking influence from Vivienne Westwood's ethos “buy less, pay more” and being very selective in what the customer buys to waste less, and developing personal styles rather than following fashion. As well as wearing and living in art instead of hanging it up on your wall.     

My Lil Petey specialises in textile print design both digital print and hand rendered design.

Within the design process My Lil Petey tries to be as sustainable as possible. Using hand picked items such as vintage leather jackets as canvases to create wearable artwork, deconstructing garments to use the fabrics and using cut offs from their own pieces to create one of a kind garments to eliminate waste. 


The reproduced products are outsourced from a company called Printful. Each piece is made to order thrust no unsold products will go to waste. The Printful products will be shipped separately to the exclusive hand made by My Lil Petey products and artwork.